Chris Martin signed Flower of Life and A Head Full of Dreams by Pilar Zeta available exclusively through Album Artists

Chris Martin signing Ghost Stories etching

Furstova-Ghost-Stories-Exhibition-QJEL-800-01Ghost Stories exhibition

ATT00086Chris Martin, Mila Furstova and Guy Berryman attend the opening night

chris-philChris Martin and Phil Harvey give a speech

Behind the scenes at Mila’s Ghost Stories exhibition
Fraser Scott gives a speech

mila-speechMila Furstova gives a speech

coldplay-parisColdplay and Paris for Kids Company

opening night coldplayM Opening Night of Coldplay’s Album Artists Exhibition

coldplay-paris-and-F-MColdplay, Paris and Fraser Kee Scott with the works Album Artists produced to sell for our Mylo Xyloto show

Chris-signing-a-Mylo-printSChris signing a Mylo Xyloto print

will-chrisSWill, Chris and Guy painting the original canvas works that Album Artists sold for Kids Company

palomaMPaloma Faith and David Standish signing the Album Artists produced works that were created by Paloma and David

F-with-PalomaMFraser Kee Scott with Paloma Faith and David Standish ahead of Faith in Art

tyler-shieldsMTyler Shields and the Backstreet Boys signing one of the works for the show

Kevin-and-Nick-at-the-private-viewMKevin and Nick at the private view

opening nightMOpening Night of the Album Artists exhibition for the Backstreet Boys and Tyler Shields

F-with-TylerMFraser Kee Scott with Tyler Shields and the Backstreet Boys at the show Album Artists put on for them in NY